Eat Chicago Suburbs: Cotto A Legna

For our Friday date night, JP picked a wood-fire pizza place in Geneva, IL for dinner. Cotto A Legna is on 3rd street – down past the rest of our fun from that night and settled right by the train tracks in a nice foodie area. It’s a casual dining restaurant with options to sit outdoors on the patio or indoor at either high-top tables or standard tables. We saw a few larger parties there, so it seems like a good place to meet for 6-10 people as well, even though the dining room itself is not that large.

We got there around 5:30 PM just before it got busy (it was packed when we left) so we scored a table pretty easy and were seated at a high top near the bar. We picked some drinks – I went with a sweet Riesling and JP had a Stella and also picked an appetizer to start with and picked the Shrimp Cornetti. From the website, it’s described as jumbo shrimp wrapped in pancetta with a garlic and ginger orange sauce on top. It’s very Asian-inspired and super delicious. The shrimp had a nice bite to them and the sauce was sweet and very tasty.

shrimp cornetti

shrimp cornetti

We decided on pizza for our main meal and all of the wood-fire pizzas come in the 12 inch option which is good for 2-3 people to share (depending on how hungry you are). After bouncing back and forth on a few options, we picked the Fina which has fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, arugula, shaved parmigiano and chose the white sauce. It was the messiest option we could have selected, although very delicious. The arugula has that smokey flavor, that compliments the prosciutto. The parmigiano was so tasty I could have eaten a bowl of it by itself! My favorite part may have been the crust, though. It was crunchy but not hard and would have been great dipping bread (ya know – in oil and parm!?).

the "fina" pizza

the “fina” pizza

While eating, we spotted some yummy entrees that people were getting and decided that we wanted to return to try some of their pasta that looked phenomenal! Also, people around us picked different pizzas and getting to spy on them and smell their yummy red sauce, I have a few options in mind that I wouldn’t mind returning to taste. Pretty delicious if you’re looking for a great pizza joint in the western suburbs of Chicago! Plus, it’s in a great area for after-dinner activities too which makes for a great date night! 😉



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