Eat Chicago Suburbs: The Snuggery/Cuvee Cellars

This is a double review! What!?

This past weekend we met some friends out for dinner and wine, since their neighbor was playing live music at a wine bar in Elmhurst. Before the music, we hit up a local bar/restaurant that none of us had been to before (also in Elmhurst) called The Snuggery. When JP told me where we were going, I was a bit hesitant and looking at their website didn’t curb those feelings…I mean, we were walking into Glow Stick Dance Party starting at 10 pm! But, she assured me we’d be out of that joint before the glow sticks could be unleashed.

We arrived a little early and put our name in for the patio. It was an awesome night to eat dinner outside and were told there was a 15-20 minute wait. There were some open tables but it looked like their waitresses were struggling a little bit to keep up with their tables. We were told there was no wait for inside – but I didn’t venture in there to check it out. After our friends arrived, we were seated in the front of the bar and were told that there were children up there – so they did ask us if that was ok. We were fine as long as alcohol was served in that area too! We waited FOREVER before a waitress took our drink order – we had to flag someone down and were told there was a mix-up in table assignments.

But we then put a drink order in; they had specials on Coors Lite and Miller Lite Pints and then checked out the menu. They had some other awesome sounding options and it was hard to pick what I wanted.  I had been craving a good salad and picked the Handcut Ribeye Steak Salad. Everyone’s food looked great and my salad looked really yummy. However, cutting into the steak I realized they made it pretty rare and so it was very difficult to chop into smaller pieces as the plate was sliding all over the table. The dressing was delicious and the tomatoes were hearty and really great. Once I was able to cut through the steak, it was a pretty yummy salad.

handcut ribeye steak salad

handcut ribeye steak salad @ the snuggery

After dinner, we headed over to the wine bar, Cuvee Cellars for some drinks and music. Our friend’s neighbor was set up in the front of the bar playing some acoustic favorites, and we found some seats at the actual bar area of the venue to enjoy his music and chat together. We settled on some Moscato and had a really fun night with some yummy drinks! I would definitely recommend Cuvee if you’re looking for a cute place to enjoy some drinks with friends.


They have a nice selection and a super cute venue. The Snuggery was ok – it’s a decent place to eat but lacked on the service.



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