Eat Chicago: The GrillRoom (and Book of Mormon Review)

JP and I had a date night last week where we headed into the city on a Tuesday night (gasp!) and had a wonderful dinner and then saw Book of Mormon at Bank of America Theater. I’ve been so excited since we got the  tickets because I’ve heard amazing things about the show.  We made reservations at The GrillRoom which is conveniently located directly across the street from the Bank of America Theater, and were able to see when the doors to the theater officially opened to let guests in – so it was nice to sip on our drinks and enjoy dinner until we were ready to head over ourselves.

The restaurant was so cute, with a big patio shaded by a large business building, and the entry boasted large windows to let light into the dark interior. Inside the venue is decorated with dark wood and a brown color palette and is reminiscent of the 20s or 30s throw-back era, with adorable signs and basic decoration. Our table was literally in the second row, the last one to the left. She’s a beaut.

Our server was very friendly and took our order promptly. We were served with very warm bread and yummy butter as we waited for our drinks. The rolls got super hard though, if you didn’t eat them warm so beware! For an appetizer we started with the baked goat cheese which was in the middle of yummy sweet marinara and served with warm flaky puff pastries. It was amazing and we dove in so fast, that by the time I realized I didn’t take a picture, we were already half-way through the plate. Seriously though, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. A definite MUST!

For our entrees, JP got the steak and ordered a separate side (they are served separately) but were were told on multiple occasions (and even heard other waiters telling their tables) that the sides were large share-able portions. I picked the daily special which was a petite filet mignon, wrapped in bacon and topped with a blue cheese crust. It was served with garlic mashed potatoes and spinach. I’m not a fan of spinach and wasn’t able to trade it out so JP was kind enough to eat it for me and I shared her grilled asparagus side with her.  (I apologize for the awful pic. It was so dark in there and I was trying not to draw attention to me with a flash!)

petite filet mignon

petite filet mignon

I loved the meal and thought it was so delicious. JP enjoyed hers, as well, but thought it was over-garlicked. She ended up having to stop eating because she couldn’t take all the garlic used. I’m a HUGE garlic fan so I dove right in, of course. My overall opinion was that it was a delicious restaurant and so very convenient to the show. We made reservations via Open Table, but when we arrived (and even when we left) there were plenty of tables open and even large parties were seated quickly. Not sure if that’s the same case on the weekends, as we were there on a Tuesday night, but it was nice to be able to grab food before being out for the night.

Now – on to the Book of Mormon. I’ve heard rave reviews of the show and because it’s leaving Chicago in October, I wanted to make sure that JP and I were able to see it. We love trying new things and enjoyed our time at Sound of Music last year, that we were excited to see this show.  We were seated in the mezzanine level in the second to last row, which was kind of a pain because the rows were a bit tight so I had trouble seeing the stage as the guy seated in front of me (and in front of JP) were pretty tall. We had to crane our neck to catch most of the show. What I loved about the performance was that it was HILARIOUS! It provided a direct insight into the workings of the Mormon faith, with obviously fun-poking happening throughout. If you’re sensitive towards bad language or even religion, steer clear, because even though it’s a mostly wacky show it’s still filled with raunchy jokes and some “Oh my God!” moments (no pun intended). Below is the opening scene, as displayed at the Tony Awards this past season:

(The guy who plays Elder Price in the clip above is in the Chicago show playing the same character). There were some parts that dragged but I think it was mostly because I was EXHAUSTED from work. My favorite character was Elder Cunningham, which is that wacky non-conforming Mormon. The actor who played this character was Ben Platt who played Benji from Pitch Perfect (one of my favorite movies).  The play is about two Mormon missionaries that are assigned to Uganda for their mission, in which they learn about the culture and try to push their message forward while hitting some bumps in the road along the way. Definitely hilarious, definitely worth seeing before it leaves Chicago.


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