Blogtember: Day 2

I decided to join Jenni from Story of My Life for her Blogtember series this month! It’ll help me get back into the blogging world after having a choppy summer with the wedding and honeymoon scattered throughout – I’ve been busy! I only missed one day – so if you’re interested in this series, you should jump on this bandwagon asap! You haven’t missed much!

Todays topic: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

I’d travel. I’d visit the places I’ve always wanted to see in my life and experience other countries. I’d spend some time on the beaches of Australia and taking in the sites of the Australia Opera House, I’d venture to Europe and take in Italy, France, and Spain. I’d even probably visit some jungle habitats and rainforests in Costa Rica or other South American countries. And lastly, I’d visit some places in America that I haven’t been – Yellow Stone National Park, Redrocks, The Grand Canyon – just to take in the beauty that is this world we live in.

I really enjoy traveling and experiencing new places and if I could just be a professional traveler/nomad for 3 entire months, that would be fine with me!

Bondi Beach – Australia | source

Cinque Terre, Italy | source

Yellow Stone National Park | source


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