Blogtember: Day 5 | Personality Quiz

Today’s Topic: Take this short personality test and respond to your results. 

A simple personality quiz to ask you what you’re MORE likely to do in any given situation (often rephrased in different ways)  to provide you an insight into who you are, and how you act. My results? ENTJ

E = Extravert (1%) I have a marginal or no preference of Extroversion over Introversion. True. I can talk to new people in large social situations if I need/want to. My job requires me to talk to random people all of the time – so I have to be able to talk like a normal human being and can’t really be afraid of conversation with people I do not know. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s something I LOVE to do. I’m just fine being quiet and observing people, as well.

N = iNtuitive (25%) I have a moderate preference of intuition over sensing. I think that’s mostly true. If I have a gut feeling, it’s mostly hard to ignore it.

T = Thinking (12%) I have a slight preference of thinking over feeling. That’s pretty true, too. I like to think about things (especially the future) and how they play out. It’s better to analyze sometimes, than t agonize over negative feelings or situations.

J = Judging (11%) I have a slight preference of judging over perceiving. That’s pretty true, as well. I think to analyze things you have to judge them and gain a perception on them. That may not be a great personality trait and probably creates biasness – but sometimes it’s better to judge a situation with information at your hands, than to perceive how things MAY be and then create a stance.

Overall, this quiz was ok. I’ve taken a few personality quizzes before – especially for work to help my team understand what personalities we have working together and how to use those personalities to our advantage when working together and creating projects. Most of the time, I think that results are pretty vague and can be dissected numerous ways. It’s kind of like your horoscope when it vaguely refers to a “big change will happen in your life, soon.” Well, that can be anything. So, I think you just have to take these quizzes with a grain of salt and use whatever information they give you to keep improving on your own self!

Did you take the quiz? What do you think of your results?


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