Blogtember: Day 6 | A Distinct Moment

              Today’s topic: Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

Today’s topic is a little hard for me to write about – mainly because it’s so much in the past and doesn’t apply to my life anymore, but it still has had a tremendous impact on where I’m at today. I’ll preface this with the fact that when I was in college, I was just discovering things about myself that I think were buried deep down inside. This put me in a dark, lonely place for a while – and I’ll just say I wasn’t a very happy person. BUT! There’s a silver lining, because all of the stuff I went through emotionally in college helped make me the person I am today and I’m super grateful for that.

So, here’s my moment: After my senior year in college, I stayed in my college town for another year while I worked. I had an apartment with some sorority sisters, a new car, and a great job. I was making moves in my life and working on an “adult” version of me. But while I was growing into the person I was post-college, I was also coming off of a very deep heartbreak. It was a situation that I was addicted to and couldn’t/wouldn’t let go of. It impacted me for a few years after college, and until right before JP I wasn’t really completely over it. 

I’m not going to talk about what exactly happened out of respect for the parties involved. There are still real human beings tied to this and everyone has moved on in their lives, which is something amazing. Anyways. Because of something/situation that happened, I made the decision to transfer back to Chicago for my job. Yep – I wanted to leave my college friends behind and my college life behind and move back to the city where my high school friends still stayed in contact with each other (but I never really stayed in contact with them) and where my family always came 2nd fiddle to me while I was in school. Essentially, I was starting from scratch building a life in a place alone and trying to get back into the things that have always been important to me – my family and building a real career for myself.

It was hard at first. Any “new’ place is, especially when you were used to a way of life (and a cheaper way of living!) for 5 years. But eventually, I got the hang of things. I moved into my own apartment, slowing began making friends, and started attending family events again. Life became a lot less lonely. Shortly after moving back to the Chicago area, I decided to apply for corporate positions with my company, which was a big move leaving retail management. But I was able to secure a position in HR, a department I’ve been in ever since. Then – I met JP! 

I really think if something didn’t happen to push me to move back to Chicago and really live my life, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. I wouldn’t be as happy as I am  today and it really makes me think that everything truly happens for a reason.

me shortly after moving back to chicago - classy!

me shortly after moving back to chicago – classy!


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