Eat Ohio: Johnny Biggs

Over Labor Day weekend, we hit the road and headed to Ohio to visit JP’s family. Her parents were celebrating a wedding anniversary on September 3rd, so JP and her sister planned a surprise dinner with everyone that Saturday night. It was super fun, because  they weren’t expecting it and were surprised when we walked into the restaurant and saw other family members waiting to have dinner with us!

We had dinner at Johnny Biggs which a 30s era decorated bar/restaurant with neat posters and signs on the wall signaling it’s tribute to the time when prohibition was happening and lots of speakeasys popped up around the midwest. Here’s some more on the restaurant tale and Johnny Biggs.

They had some typical bar food with a twist – yummy burgers with fun toppings, and even a Build Your Own Burger (BYOB) option. They even had panini’s, BBLT (bacon, bacon, lettuce and tomato! yes!), and huge salads. One thing missing from the menu at the restaurant? Pasta. It’s shown on the online menu and some family members were looking forward to their pasta, but it was replaced with mac and cheese (regular, pulled pork, bacon, etc.) which sounded delicious too.

I went ahead and picked a burger with fries and finally settled on the Smokehouse Burger which was topped with cheddar, bacon, onion strings, Bourbon BBQ sauce and nestled in a pretzel roll. It was huge and arrived on a wooden cutting board. The burger was juicy and really tasty, especially if you had a bite of the BBQ sauce which was a little bit tangy and pretty sweet. I almost ate the entire thing because I enjoyed the flavors so much.

smokehouse burger

smokehouse burger

If you’re ever in the area, I definitely recommend this restaurant if you’re in the mood for a yummy burger or great bar food!


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