Blogtember Day 12: A Memory

Today’s topic: A memory you would like to relive.

Today’s Blogtember topic is to write about a memory that you’d like to relive. Although life is pretty great right now, and there are tons of awesome days I would love to go back to (hello wedding day! hello Jamaican vacation!) I think I’m going to dive just a little bit deeper and go back to any regular day from my childhood.

Growing up it was just me, my dad and my grandparents (my dad’s mom and dad for those of you following along at home). My dad worked midnights when I was in elementary school so I usually saw him in the mornings (when he’d come home from work exhausted) or in the evenings (when he was waking up to get ready to go to work). I’m my dad’s only child, so it’s safe to say that I spent a lot of time with adults or playing alone. But I was loved immensely by my dad and grandparents and spending time with them in the evenings were some of the best times of my life.

A regular day? I’d come home from school, where my grandmother was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen. Jeopardy and Inside Edition would be on the TV and I’d be working on homework or playing with cars or Barbies waiting for dinner to be ready. Around 4:30 or 5 PM, my grandfather would get home from work and my dad would be waking up (we’d have to tell him to wake up like ten times, I swear) and we’d all sit down to a yummy dinner together. My grandma can throw down on some food. We’d always follow dinner up with some form of pudding. On nights when my grandma didn’t cook (let’s say a weekend) and my dad was home watching football or something, we’d order deep dish pizza from our favorite local place (no longer open).

In the summer, we’d all go out to our porch and watch fireworks light up the night in the distance, since we were so close to the lake. We got amazing seats for any summer festivals with weekend fireworks. We’d talk with our neighbors and dive into “black cow” desserts (root beer poured over ice cream) and chat the night away.

I miss those days, sometimes way too much. Life was simple, and fun, and my grandfather was still alive and social. We didn’t even have cable. But we had each other and that was enough. Those are some of the best memories (and best food) I have.


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