Blogtember Day 15: Comfort

Today’s topic: React to this term: comfort.

Today’s Blogtember topic is to write a reaction to the term “comfort.” Comfort obviously can have tons of meaning but I usually associate it with “warmth.” When I’m comforted, I’m wrapped up in it and it warms my heart, my soul – and makes me feel safe. I can find comfort in JP’s embrace. I can also find it in a nice pumpkin spice latte (obviously not the same kind of comfort). I can find it in a rainy day, cuddled up with my favorite TV series on Netflix, or with a nice cozy book. I can find comfort in talking to my dad on the phone, or seeing my nephew run, skip, and jump!

Isn’t it crazy how many different things, places and people we can find comfort in? It’s the familiarity, the warmth, the secureness of it.


One thought on “Blogtember Day 15: Comfort

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