2011 Goals

Here are my goals for 2011. Kinda like a New Year’s resolution, only I’m not resolving anything (‘cept maybe credit card debt). I do resolve to be more financially responsible and to start saving.  These 2011 goals will coincide with (and may overlap at times) with my 28 Before 28 goals.



Source: Debt free search

  • Become credit card debt free
  • Save $2,500 in emergency fund
  • Increase 401K contribution to 4% monthly (from 2%)
  • Drop loan debt to under $5,000 total
  • Save $1,500 for macbook by Dec. 25, 2011


Source: Web Search
  • Lose 30 lbs. –> down to 170 lbs
  • Workout at least 3x’s a week (1 hr), every week
  • Run in a 5K



Source: David McNew/Getty Images

  • Get a tattoo
  • Purchase a North Face jacket and Ugg boots (yep..I’ve jumped on that bandwagon!)
  • TOMS shoes
  • Read 1 book every month (12 books)
  • Become more familiar with development of blog
  • Learn/use Photoshop
  • Volunteer at least once/Sponsor a child for Xmas
  • Take Ella to get her teeth cleaned

5 thoughts on “2011 Goals

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  3. I LOVE your goal list! I really need to make a personal goals list too! I have to say that mine would look very similar. I stumbled upon your blog from Hernando House. I’ll have to start watching it more closely! 😀

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