The Book List 2012

2012 brings an entirely new year to dive into some great reads! Here are my book selections for the coming year. Some of them are held over from 2011, when I wasn’t able to finish all the great reads I grabbed from Border’s closing in my area. Let’s see how many I get through this year!

  1. The Red Queen| Philippa Gregory
  2. The Outside Boy| Jeanine Cummins  (read in 2013 – review here)
  3. Emma and the Vampires| Jane Austen & Wayne Josephson  (review here)
  4. Affinity| Sarah Waters   (review here)
  5. The Condition| Jennifer Haigh  (review here)
  6. The Goodbye Summer| Patricia Gaffney   (review here
  7. Sing You Home | Jodi Picoult  (review here)
  8. Sammy’s House| Kristin Gore (read in 2013 – review here
  9. Iron Lace| Emilie Richards   (review here)
  10. Island Girl| Lynda Simmons    (review here)
  11. The Ocean Inside| Jana McMahon  (review here)
  12. Family Album| Penelope Lively
  13. Where Are You Now?| Mary Higgins Clark  (review here)
  14. Fieldwork| Mischa Berlinski  (review here)
  15. The Lost Hours| Karen White
  16. The Hungry Season| T. Greenwood  (review here)
  17. The Hunger Games | Suzanne Collins (review here)
  18. Catching Fire | Suzanne Collins (review here)
  19. Mockingjay | Suzanne Collins  (review here)
  20. Expecting Adam | Martha Beck (review here)
  21. A Chance in the World | Steve Pemberton  (review here)
  22. Something Blue | Emily Griffin  (review here



2 thoughts on “The Book List 2012

    • That’s amazing to hear! It’s on the agenda for next week (wanted to miss all of the crazy crowds). I’m so excited…the more they release snippets, the better it looks so I’m glad they aren’t just highlights of the best parts but are actually parts of an overall great film!

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