The Book List 2011

This is my updated list for 2011!

I’ve compiled a list of books that I will attempt to read over the next 12 months. I’ll highlight what I’m currently reading as I go along. So, in no specific order…

  1. The Red Queen| Philippa Gregory
  2. Color Me Butterfly| L.Y. Marlow (review here)
  3. The Girl Who Played With Fire| Stieg Larsson (review here)
  4. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest| Stieg Larsson (review here)
  5. The Secret Life of Bees| Sue Monk Kidd (review here)
  6. The Outside Boy| Jeanine Cummins (read in 2013 – review here)
  7. Distant Shores| Kristin Hannah (review here)
  8. Darling Jim| Christian Moerk (review here)
  9. Emma and the Vampires| Jane Austen & Wayne Josephson   (read in 2012 – review here)
  10. Daughters of Witching Hill| Mary Sharratt (review here)
  11. Born Bad| Josephine Cox (review here)
  12. Searching for Pemberley| Mary Lydon Simonsen  (review here)
  13. Asta in the Wings| Jan Elizabeth Watson  (review here)
  14. Affinity| Sarah Waters  (read in 2012 – review here)
  15. The Condition| Jennifer Haigh  (read in 2012 – review here)
  16. Evenfall| Liz Michalski  (review here)
  17. The Goodbye Summer| Patricia Gaffney (read in 2012 – review here)
  18. Sammy’s House| Kristin Gore (read in 2013 – review here)
  19. Iron Lace| Emilie Richards (read in 2012 – review here)
  20. Island Girl| Lynda Simmons (read in 2012 – review here)
  21. Undressing the Moon| T. Greenwood (review here)
  22. The Ocean Inside| Jana McMahon (read in 2012 – review here)
  23. Family Album| Penelope Lively
  24. Where Are You Now?| Mary Higgins Clark (read in 2012 – review here)
  25. Stash| David Klein (review here)
  26. Fieldwork| Mischa Berlinski (read in 2012 – review here)
  27. The Golden Prince| Rebecca Dean  (review here)
  28. The Four Seasons| Mary Alice Monroe (review here)
  29. The Lost Hours| Karen White
  30. The Truth-Teller’s Lie| Sophie Hannah   (fail. couldn’t even make it through this)
  31. The Hungry Season| T. Greenwood (read in 2012 – review here)
  32. The Distant Hours | Kate Morton (review here)
  33. The Girl I Used To Be| David Cristofano (review here)

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