Don’t be whack!

MMM… so I’m changing some things over from to this coming Monday. The site may be a bit wonky due to that change … so please just hang in tight, give me a few days to straighten this beautiful mess out and then I’ll be back with our regularly scheduled programming of fun-filled shenanigans!

I’m headed to my alma mater this weekend to celebrate my sorority’s 100 year birthday! Crazy, right? I haven’t been back to my college (for fun) in a few years, so it’ll be great to see the changes that have happened on campus. I fully expect to feel old this weekend and be reminded that I’m no longer a cute girl in my 20s but an established ADULT in my 30s. So…looking forward to that.

But I’m super stoked to be reuniting with my sorority sisters, some that I haven’t physically seen in 5+ years. I can’t wait to catch up with everyone and hear all about what they have been up to!

If you want to follow my weekend activities, I’m on Twitter at @shlee83 and on Instagram @shlee528!

Have a great weekend!


Blogtember Day 17: Oops, My bad

Today’s topic: Write about a time you screwed up – a mistake you made.

Today’s Blogtember topic is a tough one. Which mistake do I pick? Which one has made an impact? Is there one worth noting? One of the things I pride myself on when thinking about past mistakes, especially those epic ones, is that 99.9% of them happened and something better occurred in it’s place (or because of it). So it’s hard to say that you make a mistake and really get pummeled internally by it – sometimes it opens new doors and windows to opportunities you couldn’t imagine existed.

One time that I messed up (and was mortified and completely embarrassed) was back in 6th grade. A girl and I were swapping notes back and forth in class – you know those cool intricately folded up notes from the 90s?

I can’t remember exactly what we were talking about but vaguely remember it started as asking what each other were doing over the weekend. We lived near each other and I think we were trying to make plans to hang out. Well. It escalated pretty quickly (not a fight) and before I knew it, the note was ravaged with curse words galore! I don’t remember  that we were in an argument, I think we were just trying to “out-do” each other in the beautiful language we were both experimenting with.

Well, on it’s way back up to me our teacher happened to walk by. (And I completely blame the other girl for getting caught because she was not “looking out” for the teacher) The teacher snatched up the note and looked at us and said (verbatim): “OH! What do we have here!?”  My heart sunk. My head hurt. I knew I was in for loads of trouble.

In my household, you didn’t get in trouble. I was supposed to be the good girl and to behave when I went to school. It didn’t always happen, but I knew that if school called home and woke my dad up from sleeping (since he worked a 3rd shift job when I was in elementary school) that $h*t was about the hit the fan. Once she opened the note, she saw the nasty language we had been spreading back and forth with each other and her eyes popped open. We were immediately sent to the Principal’s Office. My life was ruined (well, that’s how it felt). My dad was called in to talk to the principal – she told him that it was unacceptable behavior. I don’t blame her. My partner-in-crime and I were both handed one week after school detentions as punishment. DETENTION!

My heart sank. Only degenerates went to detention. The “bad” kids. Who was I going to walk home from school with when I was 45 minutes behind the bell? We sat in the hallway on the first floor right by the entrance doors. We all had to sit separately in chairs and were required to write a sentence 100 times before we could leave. I’m not really sure what I promised to 100 times over, but I remember that my 6th grade self was fuming and a friendship was already semi-shattered. I was embarrassed in front of the classroom a few hours earlier, I was embarrassed sitting among other students I didn’t associate with, I was embarrassed when my dad found out about my actions and I was embarrassed when I returned home every night that week after my 45 minutes sitting in that hallway.

I think I definitely learned a lesson after that experience. I think it was truly one of the first experiences I had realizing that I had a reputation and what did that mean to myself and my family? What impact my actions had on how other people thought of me. It’s also safe to say that I limited to whom and how often I passed notes to others from there on out.

Slacker and Fun Weekends!

EEEK! I’m turning into one of those horrible bloggers that are too busy with their lives that they forget to document it! 🙂 Well, how are you everyone? I’ve missed you. I really have. I’ve been super busy at work – I’m in campus recruiting so it’s gearing up to be that time of year for fall career fairs and planning travel and all of those fun things that happen when you’re in the midst of busy season at work. Think of it like Tax season for CPA’s…only it happens to me twice a year (fall and spring). But I digress.

I had a great weekend this past Saturday and Sunday! JP and I were invited to attend the civil union ceremony of two really great friends in Chicago. It was a beautiful ceremony, and I had tons of F.U.N. with their photo booth! OMG. Best thing ever!

JP and I with some good friends at the wedding this weekend.

After dancing the night away, we woke up bright and early on Sunday morning to move me out of the city. Yup. You heard it right. I belong to the ‘burbs now (holds head down in shame). I have a few loose ends to tie up back at my Chicago apartment but about 95% of my belongings are outta there. JP was a MASSIVE help in getting everything all moved in and saved me loads of money instead of hiring movers. But after Sunday’s experience (Queen mattresses are the devil) we will be hiring professional movers in the future. It’s a hands-down must.

So what are you guys up to? I love comments so I actually would like to hear about it! I know kids are going back to school soon? Anyone send them off this week?

Hey Stranger!

Did you notice I was MIA last week? I did. I was immersed in full-out panic study mode trying to prep for my upcoming PHR exam that was on Saturday. I enrolled in a HR Professional Certification class in March, all to really prep me for a major certification exam on the HR field which is granted by HRCI. The class was online and although it cost an arm and a leg, it was pretty easy to pass (hello open book). But when the class ended in May and I learned I passed, I was suddenly worried that I had almost exactly one month to REALLY prepare for my actual exam.

The PHR testing period is usually in a 2 month time frame twice a year. It costs about $300 to take this exam, and it has a 59% pass rate. Wonderful. So, let’s just say I was a bit nervous to actually absorb this material I’ve been reading over the past three months. As the date for the exam edged closer, I realized that I didn’t feel prepared. I took the pre-exams offered by SHRM’s prep website, I reviewed flash cards on and played the Scatter game (word match) until my eyes fell out.

I was very nervous going into the test. I just wasn’t confident in my ability to memorize everything that I needed to pass the test. As I sat in front of the computer screen, I felt my mind begin to jumble everything, my eyes begin to cross and my finger magically began to skip answers (you can skip and return to them later). After I got through the entire exam, I went back and completed the questions I skipped. After that I still had about an hour left so I went through the entire exam from the beginning to make sure my answers made sense to me. And then after all the questions were answers, my heart pounded in my chest as finally called it and submitted my exam. There was a little awkwardness from submitting the exam and anticipating the results from the facilitator. I was so excited that I forgot to completely close out of the exam…but once the paper printed, she turned around with a big smile and said, “Congratulations! You passed!” I seriously almost threw up. It was one of the most accomplished feelings I’ve ever had in my life, and I’m so grateful that I made that goal for this year and I accomplished it!

Next up is joining SHRM and getting AIRS training. Hopefully, I’ll be able to complete that before the end of the year! What neat things have you accomplished this year so far? Can you believe half of the year is already almost over!?