Recipe: Chicken + Couscous Bowl

I love Mediterrean-inspired food. Seriously, I could eat kebobs and Greek salad everyday. One of my favorite summer meals is a quick and easy spin on a chicken kebob and couscous meal, that you can dress up or down depending on your taste. My version is super simple and easy and is  great for when I don’t have a lot of time to prepare a meal.


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Ultimate Loser – ReCap and Long-Term Plan

My work’s Ultimate Loser Challenge wrapped up two weeks ago and sadly my team didn’t even make the top 10. I believe we finished losing about 1.6% weight overall. Not bad – but not great. In the last week of the program, I gained 2 additional pounds which finished me at 204 – an overall loss of  6.6 lbs from my start. It’s frustrating to see that scale inch back up, especially since I was so excited to drop those 8 lbs in only 6 weeks. I felt great and was really proud of myself.

But then I was getting drained and burned out from all of the running and put working on a side burner. I also started eating whatever I wanted – so the weight of course will creep back up. I still have lots of time before meeting some of my goals and really just need to focus on those goals and get back on track.

What have you done to stay motivated? What are some great recipes to try when shedding those pounds?

Ultimate Loser: Week 9

Between food posts and work out posts, I probably have you really confused and wanting to slap me. That’s ok – that’s half the battle in life anyways – the struggle to want super delicious food and to be lean and fit.  I know that’s always been a problem for me, growing up in a household raised by a woman who showered you with food and love and it always worked out because I was soooo active as a kid. But now as I’m approaching 30 this year, I can feel myself start to slow down. I can sense a small shift in my metabolism. I can tell when I get tired (even though I’m out of shape) quicker. And that has me worried.

I’ve steadily lost weight now for the past 8 weeks and that’s been great! Even on my worst days (and weekends) I’m seeing at least a 0.4 lbs weight loss.  I have been really worried the past few weeks because I’ve been mainly just running to lose weight. I haven’t been adding weight training, I haven’t been taking extra classes, I haven’t really been eating the BEST I can. Which if you can tell from all of those statements, means I haven’t really learned a long-term weight loss plan/life-style change that’s sustainable. This past weekend, I ate a lot. A lot more than I did in LA and Ohio. I had a big breakfast, paired with a lunch at Stir Crazy and even had more food on Sunday. With only playing 1 game of volleyball and doing a 45 minute run on Friday, that really wasn’t going to counter-act the food consumption I took in.

Weighing in today was a little bittersweet. I gained 1.8 pounds over the week, which means I was absolutely correct in knowing that I need to go back to moderation and need to start CONSISTENTLY putting in workouts. I was immediately fine right after weighing in, finding myself shrugging and saying, “I knew it was going to be like this – I ate bad this past weekend.” A few minutes later it hit me that I’m going in the exact opposite direction that I wanted to on the weight loss journey and with only 10 weeks until my 30th birthday and 15 weeks until my wedding – I have some time but also am starting to feel the time crunch a little to make it to my goal of at least down to 180 by the wedding. With 15 weeks to go – that means a little over 1.5 lbs per week. I’m upset about the weight-gain but I know that I CAN do this!

A little dive into my workouts – I ran on Friday but was feeling some pain in my right hip so cut my 58 minute run/walk short to about 42 minutes. I have been struggling in Week 5 of the couch to 10K program. I can’t make it through the full 2.5 minute runs, or I start to hurt in my legs … and it’s just getting tougher. I want to be able to breeze through this before Week 6’s 73 minute run/walk with 3 minute runs – this is my dragon to slay.

This week’s work out is for your booty – so get to it!

Ultimate Loser: Week 7

So little wins are always great – I lost 0.4 lbs this week. Not my best weekly weight loss but with traveling and crazy hours in a completely different time zone, losing even a tiny bit of weight is great. I chowed down in LA (which you’ll see all of my lovely food review posts soon) and so I was worried about the calories consumed and the lack of a really hard work out while on my travels. I did do a tiny (pathetic) work out in my hotel room filled with jumping jacks and push ups. I also got up early on Sunday and went for a 30 minute interval run on the treadmill…so, at least I have that! It’s all about small wins people!

My goals last week were pretty simple – get in 2 at-home work outs and run 3x’s of my running program. Did I accomplish them? Sadly, no. I did 1 at-home work out – which I have as my time doing jumping jacks in the hotel. And I completed 1 full day of my running program – a 58 minute run/walk interval right before I left for LA. While in LA I did a quick 30 minute run of a Couch to 5K program – so not really the program that I’m on so I can’t count that. Ok, half a point for that.

I’m challenged this week since we are leaving to visit JP’s family in Ohio this weekend. So lots of good eats and zero work-out time. Yikes. I’m not anticipating a great number on my return, but hopefully even a nudge down to 202 territory would be great. I have no weekly goals this week – ok maybe one – don’t eat gain back 8 lbs while on this trip. I’ll have a weekly goal update for Week 8.

So, I’m down from 210.6 to 203 after 7 weeks of my Ultimate Loser Program. I’m going to start adding work-out challenges to my posts – I challenge you and myself to complete them within the week! This week’s challenge is: