DIY: Professing Your Love Via Wooden Signage

When JP and I were deciding on the “feel” of our wedding, we kept coming back to elements that complemented the beautiful apple orchard without overpowering it or forgetting where we were hosting our ceremony and reception.  We had seen several signs posted in Pinterest like here, here, and here that we loved – we loved the cute saying, the DIY element and the rustic feel. And we decided that we wanted this element incorporated into our big day.


and now you know what JP’s real first name is!

The venue, as mentioned before, is in the middle of no-where. It’s about 15 minutes away from the largest “town” in the area and so we thought that having helpful signs to guide our guests to the venue would be wonderful. We also wanted signs to send a message of our big day – as a welcome to our guests and to guide them to where festivities would take place.

clean up crew! wedding this way!

clean up crew! wedding this way!

So, we collected pictures from the internet and JP figured out measurements that we would need and sent an order off to her dad, who kindly agreed to put together some hand-made signs for us made from 2×2 wood.  Not only did he make signs we could stick in the ground, but he also constructed some signs that we could use to lean against walls and decorate the venue.

After he put together the signs, they were delivered to us and we picked out a stain and paint colors for the signs. We chose a darker stain to give it a rustic feel and decided to go with white and yellow paint. The stain was pretty easy to apply – just making sure that the front, back and sides were all fully coated. We used a thick paint brush to apply instead of a rag. It kept our fingers clean and still covered the wood fully.

applying the stain

JP applying the stain

After letting the stain dry, we used some stencil letters we picked up at Joann Fabrics to use to make the “Wedding” and “A & J” signs. We just stenciled around the letter in pencil and filled in with white paint, using a few coats to make sure that it was bright white!



Once we got to our other signs with more of a “message” incorporated to them, we tried to figure out the best way to tackle this – should we print out lettering on cardstock and use that for a fun font or should we just free hand? In the end, we decided to just free-hand as it wouldn’t take as much time/effort and we wouldn’t have to worry about any mistakes or as much drying time that would be needed.  JP did recommend that for the words and symbols where we wanted to use yellow paint, that we should first paint it white and then go over it in the yellow so it pops more. It was barely visible when just going with the yellow on top of the stain. That girl, I’ll tell ya! Genius!

sign with yellow and white lettering

sign with yellow and white lettering

Overall, we’re very happy with the way it all turned out. It was all very personal and some of the signs we can use to decorate our future home.

This officially ends wedding week! I hope you enjoyed the projects I’ve shared, as much as I loved reliving all of the torture joy of creating them!


Wedding Week: DIY – Yarn-Wrapped Letters

I saw a tutorial on DIY yarn-wrapped letters on Pinterest a few months ago and liked the way they looked so much that I decided to pin it to one of my wedding boards. When JP and her mom and sister and I were out shopping for some wedding materials during one of our trips to Ohio, we spotted cardboard letters of various sizes that we have big hopes for to use as decoration for our big-day. We also picked up some colored yarn in corresponding colors to our wedding – gray, white and yellow.

I knew I didn’t want to paint the letters, because of the cardboard material I was worried that they would warp or come out funky looking. So instead, I remembered the tutorial I pinned and immediately wanted to wrap the letters. When I first started – I just started haphazardly wrapping. I didn’t really read the instructions and figured I could wing it and it would be simple enough. Wrong. Guess what “winging it” actually looks like:

do not attempt!

do not attempt!

So I decided to go back to the drawing board and meticulously unwrap all three letters, read the instructions and re-do. To tell you it’s time consuming – even just to do it properly, is an understatement. Most of the DIY tutorials I’ve seen are pretty much the same. Here’s a great one similar to the ones I followed.

Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • plain, unwrapped letter
  • yarn
  • hot glue/hot glue gun
  • patience

So, starting with a piece of yarn, you’ll find a point on the letter to begin with. On the “A”, it’s usually best to begin with the middle pieces that make up the top of the letter. Determine your “back” and glue the tip of the yarn to the back. This will COMPLETELY HELP keep the yarn in place and you’ll love yourself for doing this. I then began to wrap the yarn as tight as possible, winding the yarn in and out of the top key of the A, then snipped the yarn and secured the end to the back of the letter and then moved on to the other side. In Sarah’s tutorial, she went an extra step and yarned vertically on the A after the letter was completely covered. I didn’t do that. I thought it looked fin as-is.

I suggest with all letters to use glue on the back of the letter as much as possible. It helps secure the yarn in place, and really allows you to make straight lines when working with the material. I even went a little crazy and wanted to use all three of our wedding colors so I thought to make a cute “design” on the “B” and “R” letters – can you tell what I was spelling out?



I actually love the way they came out (please excuse the terrible iPhone photos – I’m working on getting a better camera) – and I’m ultra excited that they stand on their own. I did NOT wrap the bottom tips of the letters for this purpose only – I wanted to make sure that the letters could stand on the table (well, the bottom of the B is wrapped) but if you’re planning on mounting these cute letters on a wall, I’d consider fully wrapping them.

letters in action | courtesy of Jess @ Plucky's Second Thought

letters in action | courtesy of Jess @ Plucky’s Second Thought

Wedding Love: Inspiration

Hello everyone! OMG! It’s finally my Wedding Week!!! Holy Hannah, it is here! So, to get YOU just as jazzed as I am, I thought I’d start off this week some inspirational posts leading up to the big day! Also, check back on Wednesday for a yummy guest post from Jess at Plucky’s Second Thought, where she’ll feature a delicious recipe that’s easy to make at home!

I wanted to share some inspiration I’ve found online for my big day. With Pinterest now, brides have design ideas at their fingertips. You can find amazing new blogs sporting some beautiful brides and decor, as well as DIY ideas galore! I’ll be sharing some of our DIY ideas with you after our wedding, but wanted to show you some things that I’m currently into.

My favorite wedding quote! | source


Cute little sign with information on the order of events! | source

Having a July wedding definitely means a need for fans! | source



Seriously, how fun is this pose? | source

Simple, elegant and gorgeous! | source


Adorable bar sign! | source

One of my most favorite wedding blogs is Green Wedding Shoes. They feature some amazing weddings, and are even inclusive in their couple selection (hello, my LGBT friends!). I have drawn some of my best inspiration from that site and love checking in to see what new weddings have been featured!

Where have you found inspiration for making your Big Day special for you?

Re-Store Visit

JP and I ventured out to our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore shop a few weeks ago in search of some items we can use to decorate for our wedding. I’ve heard about ReStore from John + Sherry over at Young House Love  as they have purchased items from here before and refurbed them for renovation projects around their house. A ReStore is basically like a thrift shop for home-related items (think: doors, windows, sinks, potties, etc.) and all the proceeds go back to HFH’s efforts to build sustainable housing for those in need.

sinks at restore

sinks at restore

We were stoked to find out that a location was a mere few miles from our home and decided to scope them out to see what goods they had on hand. When you walk in, it kind of like a mini-Home Depot. Stark cement floors, items grouped by function, employees in aprons. We ventured over to the section that housed used doors because we want to use that for our ceremony and saw a plethora of doors to choose from! It would be a great place for someone looking to revamp a door for their house! They had wood-filled (think: HEAVY) doors, but we had the non-filled doors in mind for our use. Much lighter! And score! We found a matching pair for $10 a pop! WHAT! So excited!

door selection at restore

door selection at restore

They also had tons of other items including cabinets and cabinet doors, various handles, light bulbs, old appliances, etc. Most of their items were a steal of a deal and if you just put a little love into them, they would clean up quite nicely!

Have you ever been to a ReStore? What’s your favorite place to score great deals?