I Survived My First 5K

I had my first ever this past Saturday, which was a fun run 5K in the dark! I was really dreading this run because I haven’t really exercised in awhile (still winding down from the wedding) and know running really isn’t my forte. But I wanted to do it and get it over, even if I ended up walking the entire thing.  We met up with our friend Autumn (pictured below) and glammed up with glow sticks and glow in the dark bracelets to get ready for the run.

I was a little intimidated when we started because there were quite a few serious “athletes” running. Like running to warm up, super muscular, water bottles strapped to their waists. I’m sure they were gearing up for a half marathon or marathon later this fall, but for someone that hasn’t run a race before and was a bit out of shape – it did give me second thoughts about how fun this run really would be.  But we ended up lining up towards the back with the rest of the regular people.

The race had quite a few hills, but we actually ran through a neighborhood and there were tons of families out on their lawns cheering the runners on. That was pretty neat. And even though I did have to walk a bit, JP stayed with me the entire time and finished the race with me. My goal was to at least run a 15 minute mile and was under 15 minutes all the way through Mile 2, but ended up finishing the race at 45:44. I’m quite happy with that time and quite happy that I finished!

before and after the 5k!

before and after the 5k!


So, there’s this 5K on Saturday…

JP and I signed up for a Dash in the Dark 5K back in July hoping that by the time it rolled around we would be ready for a run in early September. Totes not the case. Honestly, (and we’re being honest here, right? safe space?) I haven’t worked out in over 2 months. I think I crashed right before the wedding and it’s just been a consistent deep breath taking ever since. I know I need to kick it into gear, and I’m dreading that this 5K on Saturday will show me how out of shape I have become over the past few months. Run 3 miles straight? We’ll see. I’m 99% sure there will be some walking involved – embarrassing.

Any advice on making it through the 3 miles with no “practice” or exercise in over 2 months? I just want to survive, at this point.

Any tips on getting my exercise mojo and motivation back?

Only the Insane Try Insanity

With about oooooh 24 days until the big day, JP and I have been feeling a little sluggish as of late. I have completely slacked off in any form of exercise regime, which only got worse when hit with an awful cold at the end of May. We ended up purchasing Insanity since quite a few of our friends have raved about the program and it’s results. JP first tried it when I was on a work trip and after her first day, told me breathlessly over the phone that it was the hardest thing she’s ever done in her life. This coming from a woman who has played soccer all of her life, D1 basketball, and has had 3 back surgeries. Excuse me?! Needless to say, I wasn’t stoked to try it when I returned home.

The first day is a Fit Test, which basically is a cardio workout all in itself as you measure how many of a certain exercise you can complete within a specific time frame. The “test” only lasts about 30 minutes but seriously, I wanted to pass out during it. There are 30 second water breaks here and there but you pretty much push yourself through some semi-intense exercise moves, and there were multiple times where I had to completely stop and take a breather. Shaun T doesn’t recommend that, though.

I took a few days off after that – lots of stuff going on and came back to try Day 1 which is a 41 minute workout with plyometrics and cardio. I didn’t make it through the video – seriously, I made it like 23 minutes in and quit. I was almost done. It was super intense, worse than the fit test and was basically the same movements over and over but increasing in speed. I should have just finished the workout. But now my legs have been sore and tight ever since and I keep making up any excuse to NOT workout at all. Boo.

I want to really get through the program and focus on it – it’s only 60 days and the workouts, although super intense, are manageable. Anyone else make it through Insanity and have any tidbits on how to stay focused?


Lean, Mean, Non-Green Machine

I had some good runs last week and actually was able to squeeze three of them in! WHAT! Three runs in a week? Unheard of the past two months around here! But I got motivated, pushed myself and was able to complete them without killing myself. Progress, people, progress.



I received my weekly report from DailyMile, where I  track all of my runs and some of my other cardio work. And was so excited to see that for last week, I not only squeezed in three separate runs but went for 9.68 miles total on the week! I wanted to high five myself…and maybe I did at the gym. So now that my running is back, I’ve been trying to incorporate some weight lifting here and there and am mostly using machines and some free weight workouts I know. But I’m getting BOOOOORED with it. Any advice on how  to spice up my lifting routine? Any good apps out there with weight lifting workouts incorporated in there?

I’m looking to tone up, not bulk up but am also in the process of trying to lose weight … I don’t want to be the Hulk but am looking to increase my strength, endurance and trim up all areas of my body.

marvel comics

marvel comics