Only the Insane Try Insanity

With about oooooh 24 days until the big day, JP and I have been feeling a little sluggish as of late. I have completely slacked off in any form of exercise regime, which only got worse when hit with an awful cold at the end of May. We ended up purchasing Insanity since quite a few of our friends have raved about the program and it’s results. JP first tried it when I was on a work trip and after her first day, told me breathlessly over the phone that it was the hardest thing she’s ever done in her life. This coming from a woman who has played soccer all of her life, D1 basketball, and has had 3 back surgeries. Excuse me?! Needless to say, I wasn’t stoked to try it when I returned home.

The first day is a Fit Test, which basically is a cardio workout all in itself as you measure how many of a certain exercise you can complete within a specific time frame. The “test” only lasts about 30 minutes but seriously, I wanted to pass out during it. There are 30 second water breaks here and there but you pretty much push yourself through some semi-intense exercise moves, and there were multiple times where I had to completely stop and take a breather. Shaun T doesn’t recommend that, though.

I took a few days off after that – lots of stuff going on and came back to try Day 1 which is a 41 minute workout with plyometrics and cardio. I didn’t make it through the video – seriously, I made it like 23 minutes in and quit. I was almost done. It was super intense, worse than the fit test and was basically the same movements over and over but increasing in speed. I should have just finished the workout. But now my legs have been sore and tight ever since and I keep making up any excuse to NOT workout at all. Boo.

I want to really get through the program and focus on it – it’s only 60 days and the workouts, although super intense, are manageable. Anyone else make it through Insanity and have any tidbits on how to stay focused?



Lean, Mean, Non-Green Machine

I had some good runs last week and actually was able to squeeze three of them in! WHAT! Three runs in a week? Unheard of the past two months around here! But I got motivated, pushed myself and was able to complete them without killing myself. Progress, people, progress.



I received my weekly report from DailyMile, where I  track all of my runs and some of my other cardio work. And was so excited to see that for last week, I not only squeezed in three separate runs but went for 9.68 miles total on the week! I wanted to high five myself…and maybe I did at the gym. So now that my running is back, I’ve been trying to incorporate some weight lifting here and there and am mostly using machines and some free weight workouts I know. But I’m getting BOOOOORED with it. Any advice on how  to spice up my lifting routine? Any good apps out there with weight lifting workouts incorporated in there?

I’m looking to tone up, not bulk up but am also in the process of trying to lose weight … I don’t want to be the Hulk but am looking to increase my strength, endurance and trim up all areas of my body.

marvel comics

marvel comics


I’ve Been Putting in Miles

I’ve felt like garbage lately and have gained back some of my 8lbs I lost. So I decided to be more careful about what I was eating and to start working out regularly. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been running again, and now lifting. Plus, softball has started so I play one night during the week and on Sundays. I actually hit a home run in my game on Sunday, which I attribute to the weights (helllooo strongness!) and the bat I was using (not it wasn’t loaded).

With the working out, I feel better. I think people are totally right when they say that exercise can improve your mood and self image and all of that good stuff because it’s true. I may not have lost a pant size yet, but I feel better and I think about working out again which is awesome motivation. I’ve talked about using Daily Mile before, which is an app you can download on your smart phone and you can also track your miles and participate in social networking via the website.  I can track my moods and it’ll actually plot them into an overall monthly mood for me by compiling a report. You can use the app for other things too like tracking walking, cycling, cardio, weight lifting, etc. But it’s really created for running. I like to use it to track my miles and times.

My progress via

My progress via

This week, so far, I’ve totaled 6.55 miles running. I trimmed off some time on my last run down from a 15:23 pace to a 14:48 pace.  My run is the fastest I’ve ran this whole year so far. Keep in mind I’m doing a Couch to 10K program so it’s really a run/walk. I’m not a full-on runner, just yet! Last Friday, I even used the app to track a 1 mile walk (warm-up) and 10 mile cycle (stationary bike), which I then paired with some weight lifting. So, the app is helping with motivation and training.

I have a super busy weekend planned – we have JP’s mom and sister coming in from Ohio and also have our cake tasting and bridal shower this weekend! So fun, can’t wait but already pooped! What are your weekend plans?

Plus and Minus

So this past week I was able to meet my own goal of running at least 6 miles during the week. I actually conquered that feat in 2 days – so maybe I should have a higher goal. I always lifted some weights and got in a walking adventure with JP after work one day. One thing that’s not the best though? My eating habits. They are still terrible and all the exercise in the world isn’t going to work off a lemon loaf from Starbucks (guilty pleasure).  So I’m working on being more conscious of what I’m putting in my mouth and how much I’m consuming.

We’ve had a lot going on this past week. I went shopping for my wedding dress with some of my bridesmaids and my cousin. One of my bridesmaids was so sweet and flew in from Texas for the day! I had an appointment for David’s Bridal but wasn’t really awed with anything I found. The one dress I did “like” wouldn’t be able to come in until the last week of June at the earliest – a no-go when my wedding is the first week of July! So we found another place on Yelp and headed over there to see (and pray) if we could do a drop-in with no appointment. The lady at the receptionist desk was ultra rude and squeezed me in for a 2:30 pm appointment with a consultant that was open. I almost had a Julia Roberts moment, walking away from that lady. But I contained myself – well, semi-contained myself.

When I arrived later for my appointment, luckily my consultant was ultra nice and she was also a fellow American-Serb! So we bonded. She also had a few dresses for me to try on and the best part? Their rush order would get my dress in by early June! Sweet! I was able to find a dress there that fit perfectly, looked great and had all my bridesmaids beam with joy – which was a super happy moment for me. I knew it was the dress as soon as I put it on. What a great feeling.

A dress that didn’t make it?


We took this shot to trick JP into thinking that I completely changed my mind with what we agreed upon (ie. a relaxed vibe) and decided upon a big poofy wedding dress. I felt like Scarlet OHare in that mega dress and can’t imagine walking around with it on all day – especially in July. What are you women thinking?!