Eat Ohio: Johnny Biggs

Over Labor Day weekend, we hit the road and headed to Ohio to visit JP’s family. Her parents were celebrating a wedding anniversary on September 3rd, so JP and her sister planned a surprise dinner with everyone that Saturday night. It was super fun, because  they weren’t expecting it and were surprised when we walked into the restaurant and saw other family members waiting to have dinner with us!

We had dinner at Johnny Biggs which a 30s era decorated bar/restaurant with neat posters and signs on the wall signaling it’s tribute to the time when prohibition was happening and lots of speakeasys popped up around the midwest. Here’s some more on the restaurant tale and Johnny Biggs.

They had some typical bar food with a twist – yummy burgers with fun toppings, and even a Build Your Own Burger (BYOB) option. They even had panini’s, BBLT (bacon, bacon, lettuce and tomato! yes!), and huge salads. One thing missing from the menu at the restaurant? Pasta. It’s shown on the online menu and some family members were looking forward to their pasta, but it was replaced with mac and cheese (regular, pulled pork, bacon, etc.) which sounded delicious too.

I went ahead and picked a burger with fries and finally settled on the Smokehouse Burger which was topped with cheddar, bacon, onion strings, Bourbon BBQ sauce and nestled in a pretzel roll. It was huge and arrived on a wooden cutting board. The burger was juicy and really tasty, especially if you had a bite of the BBQ sauce which was a little bit tangy and pretty sweet. I almost ate the entire thing because I enjoyed the flavors so much.

smokehouse burger

smokehouse burger

If you’re ever in the area, I definitely recommend this restaurant if you’re in the mood for a yummy burger or great bar food!


Blogtember: Day 2

I decided to join Jenni from Story of My Life for her Blogtember series this month! It’ll help me get back into the blogging world after having a choppy summer with the wedding and honeymoon scattered throughout – I’ve been busy! I only missed one day – so if you’re interested in this series, you should jump on this bandwagon asap! You haven’t missed much!

Todays topic: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

I’d travel. I’d visit the places I’ve always wanted to see in my life and experience other countries. I’d spend some time on the beaches of Australia and taking in the sites of the Australia Opera House, I’d venture to Europe and take in Italy, France, and Spain. I’d even probably visit some jungle habitats and rainforests in Costa Rica or other South American countries. And lastly, I’d visit some places in America that I haven’t been – Yellow Stone National Park, Redrocks, The Grand Canyon – just to take in the beauty that is this world we live in.

I really enjoy traveling and experiencing new places and if I could just be a professional traveler/nomad for 3 entire months, that would be fine with me!

Bondi Beach – Australia | source

Cinque Terre, Italy | source

Yellow Stone National Park | source

Back From Paradise

Whew! I can’t believe our honeymoon is officially over after building up anticipation of this amazing vacation since April. My first time out of the country since high school and we had plans to spend six amazing days on the beach in the Caribbean Sea. We had tons of fun laying out in the sun, enjoying yummy drinks, touring the island and even zip lining in the jungle! It was such a great experience and being someone who is absolutely terrified of heights, zip lining hundreds of feet above the ground was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

me and JP enjoying some sun

me and JP enjoying some sun

It was hurricane season in the Caribbean, but we had plenty of sunshine in the morning, curbing the way for clouds and some showers in the afternoons. It was only cloudy all day once during the trip.

beautiful sunshine and beach

beautiful sunshine and beach

So, now it’s back to reality and winding down from the relaxing week – I’m excited to start in a new job for work on Monday! Lot’s of fun stuff happening over here! What have you guys been up to this week?

zip lining through the jungle in jamaica!

zip lining through the jungle in jamaica!



Shlee: Unplugged

For the first time in my life, I’m unplugging from all electronics for 5 days. WHAT! Can you imagine the insanity?! I can’t. It kinda gives me hives just thinking about it. But it’ll be nice to spend some alone time with JP and not be worried about checking Facebook or crushing candy when I’m bored.

We’re on our honeymoon – in Jamaica. My first trip out of the states in 12 years and our first trip to this beautiful country. We have plans to drink a bit, max and relax at the beach and pool, explore the country and just “be”. I’ll have some sporadic pre-planned posts while I’m away and look forward to “seeing” you all when I get back!