Sponsorships + Guest Posts

I’m excited to offer sponsorships at SunnySideShlee, to be able to promote your brand and your company to my lovely readers. Promoting your brand not only gives you direct exposure to some of the best readers out there (ok, maybe I’m a bit biased) but also allows me to increase foot traffic and promote my own brand as well!  I love entrepreneurs that bring a uniqueness to the world. I also love hearing from different perspectives from other bloggers in terms of health and fitness, DIY crafts, recipes, etc.! If you have a great product or blog that you’d like to promote, SunnySideShlee may be the forum for you!

With an ever growing readership that reaches not just the US, but also Spain, Germany and Morocco, SunnySideShlee has increased readership drastically over the past year! With an average of 1,053 daily page views and a steady increase in WordPress followers, SunnySideShlee sees visits from all types of readers. The most popular topics have been in the categories of Fitness, Recipes/Food and Restaurant Reviews and Book Reviews.

For ad inquiries, please email me at sunnysideshlee@live.com for rates (super cheap). Also, I love guest writers! If you’re looking to expand your brand and are interested in guest posting here, please email me at sunnysideshlee@live.com for more information!


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