Coming Home…

There’s something always so oddly humbling about returning to your alma mater for Homecoming celebrations. I went back to good ole Millikin University in central Illinois for this year’s celebration, mainly because my sorority had a big celebration planned for it’s Centennial for my chapter. 100 years! Can you believe it? I barely can – especially since my sorority, as a whole, is a young 125 years old. I haven’t been back to Millikin’s campus in probably 5+ years and it’s always interesting to see what’s changed and what has stayed the same over the years.

my dormer from freshman year! it's now empty because of asbestos

my dormer from freshman year! it’s now empty because of asbestos

When I first got into town, I stopped by the Walgreens I used to work during college and noticed that one of the same service clerks was still working there! I asked her if she remembered me and without skipping a beat, she says, “Yes! You’re Ashley! How are you?” Whaaaat! It’s been 8 years since I worked at her store and she still remembered me. Blew me away.

always gotta get a picture with this guy!

always gotta get a picture with this guy!

After that brief reunion, I headed to my sorority’s chapter house to find my pledge sisters and to dive into all that goes along with a fun weekend celebration. It was amazing to reconnect with sisters from across the country, see what everyone was up to and to be in a room (for the banquet) that boasted about 300 women all celebrating the same cause – our beautiful sisterhood.

our beautiful sorority house!

our beautiful sorority house!

I couldn’t believe how it felt to return back to school and literally feel like we picked up where we left off. I needed that weekend with my sisters to reconnect, but also to remember that some bonds really do last a lifetime. It was amazing to be around them again and to have fun and really feel like myself around them. ┬áHave any of you made it back to your alma mater? Doesn’t it make you feel “old”?

some of my favorites!

some of my favorites!


Don’t be whack!

MMM… so I’m changing some things over from to this coming Monday. The site may be a bit wonky due to that change … so please just hang in tight, give me a few days to straighten this beautiful mess out and then I’ll be back with our regularly scheduled programming of fun-filled shenanigans!

I’m headed to my alma mater this weekend to celebrate my sorority’s 100 year birthday! Crazy, right? I haven’t been back to my college (for fun) in a few years, so it’ll be great to see the changes that have happened on campus. I fully expect to feel old this weekend and be reminded that I’m no longer a cute girl in my 20s but an established ADULT in my 30s. So…looking forward to that.

But I’m super stoked to be reuniting with my sorority sisters, some that I haven’t physically seen in 5+ years. I can’t wait to catch up with everyone and hear all about what they have been up to!

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Have a great weekend!