Weekend Re-Cap

This past weekend was a little busy. JP and I headed to our venue to finalize some planning and details of the layout of our wedding reception and then headed to the town’s square because I wanted to spot some places we can take our pictures at.  They have an adorable little “downtown” area, so I’m super excited to see how our pictures come out! After that we ran around and did some errands. I headed to the mall to waste some time while JP was getting her hair done. She needed a change and spent some time with her hair stylist to get a new cut and even some color. She looks great!

While she was getting beautified, I went to the mall where I spotted Dolvett Quince from the Biggest Loser. He was doing a small meet and greet for something in the middle of the mall. Most of the people who walked past didn’t know who he was – but I knew immediately! He looks exactly the same as on TV and had a big smile on his face the entire time, even though his line of people was about 5-10 people at time. Not so crazy.


On Sunday, we lounged around the house until I had to head to the city for softball where my team won by slaughter rule 17-1. I had a homerun at my first at bat of the season which felt great! But rounding those bases was a reminder that I’m still not in the best of shape. So, I still have some work to do. At least I was able to make it around the bases without getting thrown out!

This week will be a fun and busy week though! We have 2 showers coming up (one for my work and one for our fam and friends) and the most exciting thing – our cake tasting! How fun! Have a great week everyone!