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MMM… so I’m changing some things over from to this coming Monday. The site may be a bit wonky due to that change … so please just hang in tight, give me a few days to straighten this beautiful mess out and then I’ll be back with our regularly scheduled programming of fun-filled shenanigans!

I’m headed to my alma mater this weekend to celebrate my sorority’s 100 year birthday! Crazy, right? I haven’t been back to my college (for fun) in a few years, so it’ll be great to see the changes that have happened on campus. I fully expect to feel old this weekend and be reminded that I’m no longer a cute girl in my 20s but an established ADULT in my 30s. So…looking forward to that.

But I’m super stoked to be reuniting with my sorority sisters, some that I haven’t physically seen in 5+ years. I can’t wait to catch up with everyone and hear all about what they have been up to!

If you want to follow my weekend activities, I’m on Twitter at @shlee83 and on Instagram @shlee528!

Have a great weekend!


Summer’s Close

Labor Day usually signals summer’s unofficial close, and even though the summer has yielded cooler than normal temps, it’s hard to feel that we really had a summer this year.

After we got back from Jamaica, we had our visit from JP’s sister for the week until we all packed up our CRV for a 6 hour drive back to Ohio for the weekend – this included two dogs and luggage. Let’s just say we were really close for that ride. Once we got to Ohio, though, we had a fun weekend with her family – surprising JP’s parents for their anniversary with a dinner and some yummy cake, as well as playing some BINGO and having tons of yummy eats throughout the weekend.

We got back home last night and immediately felt worn out and not really ready to start the week. I officially started my new job last week and am starting to get into the swing of things, but with balancing some responsibilities from my previous position, I’ve started to feel busier every day.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and are ready for pumpkin spice lattes and football season! I think I’m ready and eager for some true fall weather!

photo (2)

Wedding Love: A Re-Cap

July 6th was our big day and even though the weeks leading up to it were quite stressful, everything eventually came together in the end. The venue was transformed in just a few short hours into a gorgeous setting for dining and dancing for our guests. And when I arrived on the big day – the outside was just as beautiful. We were blessed with blue skies and sunshine all day long – and even though the bees tried to descend during our formal pictures, and our bus driver didn’t know how to drive -we had an amazing day.

I started off the morning with a hair and make-up appointment at a local salon, where my Matron of Honor (and beautiful little sister) joined me. It was so nice to spend time with just the two of us. In a mere two hours I was  transformed from a raggedy lady to a bride-to-be! Make-up and good hair are a miracle, people!

me and my sister after beautification process!

me and my sister after beautification process!

The ceremony was wonderful, and my uncle did an amazing version of our reading – so very heartfelt and sweet. Everything we imagined for our big day, all of the little things that meant a lot to us came out wonderfully, like our entry doors for our walk down the aisle, our wooden signs we made scattered throughout the property, even our popcorn snacks were a big hit which was something we totally wanted to have at our big day.

handmade sign

handmade sign

JP surprised me a few times throughout the day, as well – that little scoundrel! Her family brought down jewelry for me when I returned from getting my hair and make up done and it was perfect for my dress and what I was looking for. I also was surprised to see a photobooth at our reception, which I had been BEGGING for and was always shot down throughout the planning process. Good thing though, because the photobooth was a hit!


All-in-all though, it was an amazing day filled with happiness and love and I can’t seem to stop obsessing over all of the pictures from our day. Seriously, putting that much work into a wedding and seeing it come alive and exceed your expectations is something, let alone having a day where you join together with the person you love more than anything!



Oh my we had such a fun and busy weekend!

It started with Thursday, where my co-workers held a bridal shower for me and another teammate who’s also getting married soon. We received some wonderful presents, had a yummy lunch of Chipotle and even played a fun game of Wedding Pictionary – it got a little intense there but fun all around!

Then on Friday, we had a visit from one of JP’s bridesmaids and her two little girls to just catch up and enjoy some yummy pizza for dinner. A few hours later, JP’s mom and sister arrived from Ohio to host our bridal shower on Sunday. We had a busy weekend planned for them and hopped right to it Saturday morning with a visit to one of my favorite breakfast places, Wildberry Cafe! I’ve blogged about this awesome spot before – you can read more about it here.  This time I opted for the Eggs Benedict (sorry, no pic!) which was amazing! Plus, I always love love love their coffee (Intelligista brand).

After breakfast, we headed to pick up some new kicks for JP’s mom’s Mother’s Day gift. Her tootsies have been hurting on her walks so it was time she scored a new pair. She picked out a really cool pair that was a bright light blue and orange combo! After the shoe buying fun, we headed to our cake tasting – I’ll have a more in-depth post on that experience later!

Then we headed out to the Premium Outlet Mall in Aurora where I scored some new shorts for the summer and a cute kelly green purse that I’m ultra excited about! We ended the day with dinner at Stir Crazy – yum!!

On Sunday, our sisters and family hosted our bridal shower and we were so blown away by how amazing it was! We had some great friends and family attending, the decorations were beautiful and the venue was great too! Plus, perfect sunny weather – what’s not to love? So, we’re recuperating from our busy weekend and gearing up for a mini-vacation to Michigan for my pre-30th birthday celebration before JP starts school back up again (she has a week off, lucky bugger).  What was your weekend like? Did you enjoy the weather?

my sister Sam, me, JP and JP's sister Jessica Courtesy of Jessica.

my sister Sam, me, JP and JP’s sister Jessica
Courtesy of Jessica.