We’ve Moved … Again

I feel like it was just last week when I moved from my city apartment back in with JP officially. I guess it was a short 4 months ago – but man, moving stinks.  With JP in nursing school and the formal addition of all of my stuff – we have been itching for more space.  We’ve been in a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment it has really just been chaos for lack of a better term.  There was no real designated studying space for her, and no room for my stuff so we saw our dining room table and desk quickly become a closet and just mass clutter EVERYWHERE.  We both hated it.

We signed up for notice for a 2 bedroom opening in her current complex because we already knew the area and we didn’t need a deposit to move. Score! It seemed like they kept forgetting us because about three months whipped by with no word from the complex on any first floor 2 bedroom openings.  Finally, JP stopped by the office in-person and lo-and-behold they had a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment opening up in January IN OUR CURRENT BUILDING. Whhhhaaat! No movers? Glorious!

We were able to view the layout of a similar unit in a different building and quickly dialed in for the apartment. Plus, with the addition of 200+ extra square feet and a private garage – our monthly rental only increased by $200. I think that’s amazing.

So, we did sorta pack last minute and I’m am the world’s biggest baby when it comes to moving.  Luckily, JP’s friends came and helped which was amazing because I didn’t have to move any of the big stuff with her.  Seriously – I suck at it.  When we arrived on the first day, however, it was a little bit of a nightmare. Our carpet was juuuust getting done as JP was in the office getting the keys. They kept delaying her while I was texting her status updates on the carpet guys – they didn’t know we knew they were there. The carpet wasn’t pulled to the walls all the way so there are some holes in the area by the walls, they didn’t finish it by the kitchen area so it’s coming up in that spot as well – and the unit it self was completely DIR-TAY.  We had to scrub it before even moving in. Plus that’s not even all of the problems (including a garage that is STILL not ready, appliances from  the 70s and a sttiiiink to high Heaven in the entire unit).  Needless to say, JP was not a happy camper on a day that should have been super exciting for us.

Our official moving day was also supposed to be super awesome because we were getting our brand new couch.  The couch didn’t arrive til the last 30 minutes of their 3 hour delivery time (luckily before we got hit with snow flurries) – and unfortunately, the thing is MASSIVE and just a taaadd too large for our living room.  So we had to go back out to the furniture store to pick out something else out that would fit the space more appropriately. Granted, we were worried about any added charges for delivery and returns, but this massive couch is not something that we can live with.

This is what moving at 8 am in the freezing cold looks like. Coffee run!

This what a freezing cold coffee run looks like on moving day!

After testing out what felt to be a million couches and not really finding many options that fit what we were looking for – we settled on a basic (light grayish) couch that we figured we can enhance with a nice coffee table and a comfy chair.

We were very serious about our second trip to the furniture store!

We were very serious about our second trip to the furniture store!

Everything about the new couch is different from the original one we purchased – from the fabric to the color to the size and even the shape. And although we will miss our massive big-girl couch – it something we’re totally ok with parting with because not only are they not charging us for delivery of the new couch (or pick up of the one that doesn’t fit) – but we also get a refund of about $1,000 back that we can use for other things to decorate the space and make it work better for us!

JP on the massive couch.

JP on the massive couch.

JP looking very "happy" on our new couch.

JP looking very “happy” on our new couch.


After the couch fiasco – we quickly realized really how much we despise living in chaos. Our new garage is not quite ready – apparently the door opener didn’t work, then some stranger was still using it, then we find out the guy actually still has a lease on it and the only available garages left in the complex are not private. Luckily, because of all the other trouble we have had to go through, the manager at the complex is having private walls built for us in a new garage, as well as ordering us brand new matching stainless steel appliances. It’s been a headache of a move – but hopefully we can settle down soon and enjoy the extra space (and also start to cook meals at home!).

Have you ever had moving drama? I’d love to hear about it!

Enjoying our "couch bed" before it leaves us this weekend ...

Enjoying our “couch bed” before it leaves us this weekend …

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